Why You Should Purchase Michael Jordan Shoe Laces

We all know Michael Jordan, one of the world’s all-time favorite basketball players. He’s a legend. Due to his popularity, his fans will opt to buy things that named after Michael Jordan. It’s apparent that you’re a fan of the legend because you’re here on this page and you’re probably looking for the best shoelaces. Well, just so you know, you just came to the right page.

Air Jordan is a shoe and clothing line and a subsidiary of the conglomerate, Nike. The “Jumpman” logo is the indication that the material is a product of Air Jordan. People would contemplate at it and “wow” of the fact that you’re a Jordan devotee. Yet, it doesn’t end there; the best feature of Air Jordan is that they provide high-end materials for longevity and durability. It’s cool, isn’t it?

But, we’re talking about shoelaces here. What exactly are they made of? Basically, they are made of 100% polyester. So, what’s good about a polyester material? It wears very well, so it lasts a long time. Unlike some shoelaces made of other materials, a polyester-made shoe lace can last a lifetime. Air Jordan sees to it that their products will provide you a material good for a long run.

Whatever your reason for buying Michael Jordan shoe laces, they are indeed preferable, as they stand the test of time. Some of you are probably buying them to replace your old shoelaces. And if your old shoelaces are from Air Jordan, it’s certain they wore for years. If it’s your first time to buy one, then you should take into account the shoelace size.

No matter what brand your pair of shoes is, you have to measure the shoelace size of it before picking something up online or at a shoe store. So when you arrive home after buying one, you won’t regret the time you spent on going all the way to the mall or waiting for your order from your favorite shopping site. The question is that, are there different shoelace sizes for all types of shoes? The answer is YES.

Michael Jordan shoelaces have different lengths: 27 in (69cm), 36 in (91cm), 45 in (114 cm), 54 in (137cm), 60 in (152 cm), and 72 in (183cm). The shoelace length depends on the pair of eyelets on your shoes. It’s easy to tell the size with the tape measure, a traditional way. Besides that, you can also search online for a list of shoelaces lengths, the faster way.

How much does it cost? It’s not pricey; it’s just around $3. It’s cost-effective indeed. It’s cheap but high-quality made material. Should I recommend this? My answer is a big YES due to the aforementioned supporting details.